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Crestor is a drug that belongs to the statin family, and is prescribed to patients who suffer from high cholesterol.  Unfortunately, statin drugs like Crestor have been proven to decrease levels of a chemical in the body that is essential to proper muscle function.  As a result, Crestor use may lead to life-threatening heart problems such as cardiomyopathy.  Cardiomyopathy is the deterioration of the heart muscle and could be fatal.

If you or someone you love has developed a heart condition such as cardiomyopathy after taking Crestor, you may be able to recover compensation in a dangerous medication lawsuit.  Contact us today to speak personally with a Crestor lawyer at our St. Louis, Missouri or Metro-East Illinois offices.  We offer:

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Crestor Problems

Even before Crestor was approved by the FDA, doctors and consumer protection groups cited inadequate clinical studies and the risk of serious side effects as reasons to ban this dangerous drug.  Now, doctors are urging the FDA to require manufacturers of Crestor and other statin drugs to provide new clinical studies regarding the safety of these dangerous drugs, and to post specific warnings about the risk of cardiomyopathy and other Crestor problems.  Without this information, patients who have been prescribed to take Crestor long-term may not be aware of the risks of Crestor side effects. 

Crestor Cardiomyopathy and other Crestor Side Effects

Perhaps the most severe health risk linked to Crestor is cardiomyopathy.  Cardiomyopathy is a disease that attacks, enlarges, and weakens the heart, making it difficult for the heart to pump blood throughout the body.  In most cases of cardiomyopathy, the patient is treated with heart devices and medications.  In more severe cases, however, a heart transplant may be needed.
In addition to cardiomyopathy, Crestor side effects may include:

  • Fluid build-up in the lungs and legs
  • Kidney failure
  • General muscle and skeletal myopathy
  • Liver dysfunction

Contact a Crestor Cardiomyopathy Lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri or Metro-East Illinois

If you took Crestor and subsequently were diagnosed with cardiomyopathy or another illness that may be a Crestor side effect, you may be eligible to recover substantial compensation.  Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer who is experienced in dangerous drug litigation.  The Crestor lawyers at our firm serve St. Louis, Missouri, Metro-East Illinois, and surrounding areas, and are prepared to pursue justice on your behalf until you recover the full compensation to which you are entitled.  Contact a Crestor cardiomyopathy lawyer at our St. Louis, Missouri or Metro-East Illinois office today for a free evaluation of your claim.

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